The Humble Option

In the least expected parts of the busy Shaw Boulevard, you will find a quaint and unique store that provides sustainable lifestyle options, the Humble Market. It provides awareness and access to affordable products that reduce waste and materials that are harmful to our health and the environment.

All its products are natural, local, package-free and plastic-free.

The choices are basic but quite the essentials you may need.

Food choices include nuts, honey, homemade vegan pastas, virgin coconut oil and other essential ingredients.

Sustainable personal care options include shampoo bars, reusable feminine products, reusable straws and chopsticks, natural insect repellants and other sustainable product options for daily use.

Shopping at the Humble Market is very simple. You simply weigh your container with the lid open, fill your container, weigh the produce and pay.

If you are looking for alternative sustainable shopping options, I recommend that you visit the Humble Market at YDG Coffee, Mandala Park in Mandaluyong City.

#sustainablelifestyles #sustainability

Photo credits: SustainablePH and The Humble Market

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