Sustainable Living Tips for Filipino Families

The United Nations declared May 15 as the International Day of Families to promote awareness on economic, environmental and social issues that affect families all over the world. For this year, the theme is “Families and Climate Action” focusing on SDG targets:

13.3 – Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact education and early warning, and

13.2 – Integrate climate change measure into national policies, strategies and planning.

In participation of the International Day of Families, here are five very simple tips on how Filipino families can contribute to SDG 13, Climate Action.

Tip 1: Be Weather Wise

For a country that is ranked as one of the most vulnerable to drastic weather conditions due to the effects of climate change, it is important for families to be informed about our weather conditions. Even without typhoon warnings, rainfall may leave family members vulnerable. On the other extreme, high temperatures may also leave many dehydrated, especially young children and the elderly. Luckily, there are mobile apps to choose from to keep families informed.

Click here to see a list of weather mobile apps –

Tip 2: Help Green Your Barangay

There are many fun and meaningful bonding activities families can do without having break the bank. One of the best things is to help green your communities by planting trees in your backyard or even organize tree planting activities in the local park, vacant lots or other open spaces. Apart from trees helping control flood waters, trees also help cool temperatures down. Moreover, Republic Act 10176, known as the Arbor Day Act, mandates that all able-bodies citizens of the Philippines, who are at least 12 years of age shall be required to plant one tree every year. So really, it is our duty.

Click here to see Republic Act 10176 –

Tip 3: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We spend a lot of money decorating our homes and buying containers for personal items, ingredients and other household items. Apart from avoiding unnecessary spending, we can collect bottles, jars, boxes and other containers and reuse them to clean our clutter.

Reusable bags are a shopper’s best friend. Develop the habit of having a reusable bag tucked in our bags, our vehicles, our bicycles or even our pockets. Let’s also remind our house helps to do the same. Let’s avoid circulating more plastic in our communities.

Here is Brightside’s search on recycling ideas –

Tip 4: Join Community Clean Ups

Another common cause of flash floods is the interrupted flow of water due to clogged drainage systems. Encourage volunteerism among your family and friends and organize regular community clean up days.

Clean Up the Philippines is dedicated to promoting community clean up drives. You may check out their site –

Tip 5: Walk, Jog or Bike

Need to go somewhere within your village? Leave your car keys at home. Take a hike, an easy jog or hop on the bike instead. Not only is it good for your health, it helps you avoid additional carbon emissions.

Share your ideas on how Filipino families can celebrate the International Day of Families and contribute to this year’s theme of “Families and Climate Action!”

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