Developing Sustainable Daily Rituals

On a lazy Saturday morning, I visited a store that was like my very own micro-wonderland. In an inconspicuous building along Pasay Road in Makati is a novelty store that promotes sustainable home shopping options.

RITUAL is a sustainable general store that carries local, natural, artisan products, food and produce. They sell HOUSEHOLD items like victoria herbal laundry bars, biodegradable palm scrubbers, citronella dish liquid, lemongrass enzyme deodorizer and citronella enzyme deodorizer. There are also BATH liquid soaps, shampoos and bar soaps.

They also have FOOD INGREDIENTS such as sea salts, artisan preserves, various unpasteurized vinegars and seasonal offerings. They work with farmers in developing quality unique products while preserving artisanal method of production.

In my quest to avoid chemicals at home, I got my stash of citronella enzyme deodorizer and baking soda. We badly need a non-toxic deodorizer at home with our beagle and havanese dogs running around the flat.

If you want to visit RITUAL, make sure to remember to BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS TO REFILL. You may find this sustainable grocer at the 2nd floor of the Languages International Building, Pasay Road in Makati, behind New World Hotel.

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