MASK ATTACK | Keep Calm.Be Informed

COVID 19 brought a mass hysteria on mask buying. Let’s hear what experts are saying about the best practices of the usage of masks in order to protect ourselves and others during this time of global COVID 19 health crisis.

Here are some tips provided by the World Health Organization on the proper use of masks.


While in quarantine, we have to prioritize proper health protocol above convenience. When in between tasks, especially during e-team calls, we tend to take our masks on and off, without thinking twice.


You feel it about to explode, make no mistake and take cover! While we want to make wearing masks look fashionable, it is first and foremost a life-saving precautionary measure more than it is to help us look good. Let’s not suffer for fashion.


Let’s keep our hands off the mask when in use. Remember, our enemy has invisible powers. It doesn’t mean we can’t see it, it is not there. And let’s be mindful of others’ masks too. Let’s keep our hands to ourselves.


The NO TOUCH policy is strictly enforced while undressing our masks. Proper disposal is important at home. Segregate infectious waste in properly color-coded trash bags. Remember, it clings for a couple of days. Let’s keep our maintenance teams safe.

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