Wanted! Servant-Leaders

In our pursuit of a more equitable and sustainable future – our economical, social and environmental initiatives should be and must be anchored on good governance. The foundations of good governance are sound principles based on universal human rights and standards of justice. The tipping point of good governance is the quality of leadership.

In many of his books, author John Maxwell iterates that in times of adversity, our character is revealed, our leadership is tested, our genuine desire to serve is exhibited and what we hold to be treasures in our hearts are unveiled. Leadership per se is a difficult path to take, more so when public trust in involved.

Public leadership, be it in formal office or humanitarian organizations, is a calling to serve and to lead by example. It is about being accountable to the duty of trust that is given by millions who carry heavy loads on their backs, in hopes that the leaders they have bestowed their trust upon, are as committed to making their lives slightly better.

Servant-Leadership is a responsibility to genuinely serve and a relentless accountability to lead by example. Change makers who have achieved Herculean feats that changed the world have often expressed that leadership comes from a humble and lonely place of service. Many of the world’s real and genuine servant-leaders remain nameless in our history books, yet forever engraved in people’s hearts.

The lesson often conveyed is that genuine servant-leadership only sustains when it is done out of a sense of calling and the willingness to take the lowest seat so that others can thrive above their obstacles. I guess that is why it can only be sustained by grace given from above, not driven by ambition, seeking recognition nor through the sense of entitlement of inherited hierarchy.

“Mother Teresa is one of my favorite servant-leader heroes.”

– Author of SustainablePH

As a self-proclaimed Christian nation, the standards of excellence in Servant-Leadership was defined by no less that Jesus himself. When apostles John and James requested Jesus if they could sit at his right hand and left hand in his glory, Jesus was quick to caution them that leadership is not about lording over authority, rather is about being servant of all.

That’s our cue.

“Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

The Bible, Matthew 10: 43-45

Here are more of my servant-leader heroes – Nelson Mandela, Jimmy, Carter, Maya Angelou and all nameless volunteers whose generous hearts and hands help make this world slightly better.

Photo credits: newseastwest.com, spot.ph, depedtambayanph.blogsite.com, worldvision, habitat for humanity, blogspot.com

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Written by SustainablePH

SustainablePH (SustainablePH.blog) is a personal blog on sustainability. I hope to share inspiring stories of sustainability champions, positive impact create by sustainable development programs, raises awareness on key sustainability issues and simply promote sustainability in the Philippines. E-mail: sustainablephblog@gmail.com


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