It’s Simply About People Helping People

Amidst the country’s fight against the COVID19 global health crisis, private and public sectors alike have joint forces to provide necessary medical supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), emergency food response packs and monetary resources to help us rise above the pandemic.

As a people, we are showing definite signs of maturity as we are learning hard lessons on unity, especially during calamities. Our business leaders are truly showing the way on how we will rise as one.

The generosity we are all witnessing today is simply about ‘People Helping People’. It is the fundamental principle followed by SM Foundation founder, the late Henry Sy, Sr.

In this time of crisis, it is evident that this principle lies in the hearts of many Filipinos – leaders and ordinary citizens alike. It is who we are as Filipinos – bayanihan is in the DNA of the Filipino people.

(Photo credits: JG Summit, SM Supermalls)

Philippine businesses have demonstrated such unity in working together to help all of us thrive above the Covid19 crisis bringing about challenges that are hitting all walks of lives, in all areas – health, economy, social capital and sense of hope. Our business leaders easily poured out billions of resources in just 2 weeks. Donations alone rose to about Php3B of joint efforts, commitments were made to provide salaries for all, especially contracted work and support was extended especially to to help small and medium enterprises by waiving mall rentals while the country is in lock-down status.

Most even surpassed their initial commitments with the SM Group spiking corporate giving to Php170M from initial Php100M, San Miguel and NGCP pouring Php500M respectively, JG Summit, the Aboitiz Group and Filinvest generously donated Php100M respectively, while the Ty-led Metrobank stretched out their arms to extend a Php200M support. Stimulus packages to secure employees are also by the billions with the Ayala group committing about Php2.4B, while others have expressed the same commitment to provide security to their respective employees.

(Photo Credits: SM Foundation, Aboitiz Foundation, Ayala Foundation, Megaworld Foundation)

I believe that sustainability has indeed become a focal point in the hearts and strategies of businesses. The unwavering commitment of the business sector is a clear testament of how much the Philippine captains of businesses value their stakeholders. We have all surpassed the days of PR-based goodwill.

Their collective action is a crystal clear message of how they value all of us – their customers, their employees, their business partners, their communities, their shareholders – who serve as integral pillars of business growth and sustainable development. Their actions are testaments of their respective commitments to create meaningful and long-term shared value for all.

Businesses have also raised the bar of customer service by providing their customers a sense of security by providing elbow room in settling their bills. (Slides Courtesy of GMA News and Public Affairs Digital)

Non-profit organizations, churches and ordinary citizen groups alike are also untied in their efforts to help every Filipino face the Covid19 health crisis. (Photo Credits to St. Lukes Medical Center, Philippine General Hospital, Child Hope Philippines, Philippine Red Cross, Rise Against Hunger, Frontline Feeders Philippines, Victory, Angel Locsin Official Page, Interaksyon, Caritas Manila and Inquirer for Dr. Joven Cuanangs, Room in the Inn)

Devoted service professionals continue to risk their lives to provide uninterrupted basic services and medical care to meet the needs of many Filipinos. While we honor our medical front liners, let us not forget service personnel who are helping ease the inconvenience brought by the necessary lock-down. (Photo Credits to CNN Philippines, SM Markets, Kai Camerino and Low Impact Filipina)

We also remember our food delivery servicemen who go to great lengths to bring us the food we crave for, risking their lives to provide invaluable service. Let’s show utmost respect and consideration for average Filipinos who are simply working hard for an honest living. (Photo credits: Grab Food Delivery Riders and Food Panda Riders)

Progressive public servants have also demonstrated how much we are maturing as a country, providing service as a responsibility and accountability to the people who have entrusted them with such honor. More local government units are demonstrating the proper respect of the use of official Government City Seals when delivering its service to its constituents.

Official Government Seals represent the Filipino people’s fight for a democratic and egalitarian society. Showing respect to it is a declaration that indeed, the government is by the people, the goods it brings are of the people and officials it appointed or voted for are in genuine service for the people. Slowly but surely, we may be on our way to achieving standards of excellence and professionalism we aspire to see in public service. (Photo credits to the respective official local government units’ pages.)

We endured and will continue to endure painful losses in our race to rise above the Covid19 health crisis, but there is a silver lining in what presents to be a devastating time for all of us. It is in these times that we mature as a people in our faith, our character and our perspectives. More importantly, it is now we gain a purposeful understanding of what truly matters at the end of the day … that we are our brother’s keeper.

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