Purposeful Creativity During Lock-Down

Welcome to the purposeful and creative mind of Drent Mendoza!

This is what this young architect has in common with the great Thomas A. Edison.

As the Covid19 health crisis accelerated and personal protective equipment were becoming as rare as diamond, Drent knew he had better things to do with his time than sit around during the lock-down. While many millennials struggle to stay put and cope with social distancing, Drent’s mind has just gone haywire. All the circuits lit-up, raining with ideas!

He initially planned to make aerosol boxes from a random post he saw in facebook, but decided to make masks instead, which didn’t require a machine.

I used an existing design that I’m familiar with in construction which is a welding mask. I had to make do with what’s available, so I adjusted the design based on easily available material. The final design ended up as a mix between a medical face shield and a common welding mask.” 

Architect Drent Mendoza

Together with his family, Drent was able to produce 90 pieces of  face shields on the first day. He designed two types of face shields, a disposal one made of 200 gsm acetate films intended for personal use and a reusable one 1mm acetate sheets intended for front liners

While a typical personal would find nothing extraordinary about a simple acetate and foam pad, Drent saw a master piece of a solution.

“Everyone is so focused with the “big picture” and no one is actually left to tend to the small details.”

Architect Drent Mendoza

For now Drent works on pledges from individual donors who want to extend a helping hand.

“People need to start the change that they want to see within themselves. Not everything has to be a big gesture or a great act. Even the smallest pebble can have the biggest ripple.”

Architect Drent Mendoza

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