Finding Real LIFE for Real


“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.” – Shannon L. Alder

Today’s youth are faced with a challenging task to navigate in this complex world. With too many options, choices are easy yet hard to make, leaving millennials and gen-Zs often confused and ironically, isolated.

Real Life Foundation helps the younger generation find real life for real!

“At Real LIFE, we don’t believe in just providing financial assistance so that our scholars will finish their studies.  True education is not just the accumulation of knowledge, but also the shaping of character.”

Mae Perez, Real LIFE Foundation Executive Director

Every Real LIFE scholar is mentored in LIFE groups through weekly coaching meetings focused on LIFE topics – LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, FAITH AND EXCELLENCE. Each Real LIFE local center conducts monthly scholars’ updates to focused discussions on topics on emotional intelligence, love and relations, critical thinking, money management, social skills and other relevant LIFE skills to help today’s generation thrive above life’s challenges and evolving circumstances.

So many of our scholars have been told that they are not good enough, that they shouldn’t dream too big, so they don’t disappoint themselves because they won’t ever get there anyway. But we believe otherwise, so we also tell our scholars to have faith in themselves. Believing in themselves and the abilities they have been gifted with is crucial for them to achieve great things.

Mae Perez, Real LIFE Foundation Executive Director

That is why at Real LIFE, the coaches play a big role in helping the youth develop their confidence provide them with opportunities to build servant leadership, emphasizing the importance of harnessing their intellect, skills and talents in service of others.

Real LIFE graduates are now in leadership positions in their chosen careers. Testaments of their excellence, servant-leader hearts and faith are among the most common values they demonstrate. Real LIFE alumni do not forget their own journey, as most of them pay it forward and help their own families and even support other scholars in anyway they can.

“Our dream is for Real LIFE to have a center in every town and city in our nation.  We want to go nearer to where the need is.  We dream of the day when we are helping thousands and thousands of scholars in every part of the Philippines.”

Mae Perez

Real LIFE currently has 616 scholars supported by 64 centers nationwide, and 482 scholar-graduates who have joined the work force. With the Philippines having a very young population, more work is needed to be done. Through the close partnership with Victory Christian Fellowship, Real LIFE is able stretch their reach but would need more support to create wider impact.

“Our nation will not be changed for the better by one president with good character and values.  It will take many individuals in different sectors of society throughout the Philippines doing their part. “

Mae Perez

We know that the youth today will be tomorrow’s workforce and leaders. It is crucial that we ingrain godly values in them now so that when they get into positions of influence and authority, they will not take it lightly, but they will instead use their power to uplift others and contribute to the betterment of our country.

Real LIFE Foundation

1. Online via PayPal, credit card, and online banking through the Real LIFE website:

2. Over-the-counter at the Gift Processing Office at the Every Nation Building located at 32nd Street corner University Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

3. Through the offering envelopes at all Victory locations ( during worship services. Just tick the box for Real LIFE.

All support given to Real LIFE goes to the general fund which is channeled to local centers. This ensures that all Real LIFE scholars receive the same amount of support regardless of where they are.

All photos and video are courtesy of RealLife Foundation.

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