No Frills to Healthy Living

“I started Goods & Grains, primarily because these are products that I actually use in my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.”

Anya Santos – Uy, Goods and Grains

Nowadays, people are more aware about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. Beyond just hitting the gym and wathching the scale, more people are getting more organic about it – minding the impact the products they consume have on their organs, hormones, energy and general well-being.

This is where Anya Santos – Uy, a wife and mother of two, was at in her life when she thought of starting Goods &Grains.

“I discovered that I had high cholesterol despite being pescatarian. We have healthy food items like cacao nibs, chia seeds, spirulina, etc. and grains, namely adlai and unpolished red rice. I would really push unpolished rice.”

Anya Santos – Uy

Shifting to healthier food choices helped Anya feel more energetic. And with her kids still being so young, she realized that she needed to be healthier to enjoy a better quality of life. The products she chose for Goods & Grains help boost the immune system. For example, a single tablespoon of Spirulina is packed with protein, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Iron and Copper. The quality of protein in Spirulina is comparable to that of eggs.

“We sell eco-friendly goods like reusable straws, cloth pantyliners and pads, reusable razors, and reusable bags made of used flour sacks! It’s all about going back to the basics. Going back to simpler times, and more practical things. We’ve become a thow-away culture. Everything is easily replaced. So I’d like to go back to being more sustainable.”

Anya Santos – Uy

Fashionable and practical reusable sanitary pads are not only environmentally friendly but also hygeinic for women, avoiding unnecessary chemicals in delicate areas. There are also other feminine products to choose from. From time to time, Goods and Grains also has a refilling station for handwash, bodywash, liquid detergent and diswashing liquid with @refillinbeyond.

“People think healthy eating or health supplements are expensive. And yes, some products are. But I think it’s better to spend on your health that to spend on your sickness. I find it odd that people seem to be more willing to spend on maintenance meds, rather than just simply switching to, let’s say, unpolished rice. If you can spend Php150 on a sugary coffee or milk tea, you can spend it on 1 kilo of unpolished rice.”

Anya Santos – Uy, Goods & Grains

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