Sustainability Learns 1 | Finding Our Balance

How can we apply the three pillars of sustainability in our lives?

In the Corporate and Public sectors, Finding Our Balance on the three pillars of sustainability requires a more complex, integrated, long-term strategic approach.

People – To achieve a sustainable way of life, people must be given the right to live in dignity, liberty and be given access to basic services for human development such as food security, health care and education. These rights are enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It also refers to the human being’s right to equal opportunity, dignity of labor, equal and just remuneration for work and over-all sense of well-being.

Planet – We need to sustain the only home all living creatures share. Our planet sustains life – from the oxygen we breathe, to providing habitats for all living things within one whole circular ecosystem. The planet was designed to naturally regenrate as long as we respect to keep the balance of nature.

Everything we consume and all the products we enjoy come from nature. We need to preserve it, conserve its use and protect it so that all living things can keep benefiting from it and in turn, it can sustain life.

Profit – Economic growth is important for us to develop. Sustinability aims for a more inclusive approach to economic growth, where there is equitable access to captial and opportunity for micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as for large enterprises to create responsible global growth.

It means that economic capital and value are appropriately shared following ethics of good governance. When making products and providing services, it also means that trade is done fairly, especially those that are sources of raw materials. It also means that investments are responsibly made, wages and benefits, community contributions and government payments are properly allocated.

How does it all fit in sustainability?


In every decision we make, we must aim to find our balance to be sustainable – always asking ourselves, is it good for the people, the planet and does it make sound profit or if it is a non-profit, does it bring long-term sustainable benefits for all?

Koleen Davila Palaganas

SustainablePH aims to provide bite-size sustainability learning materials that use very simple language to help bring “easy-to-digest” concepts of sustainability to help raise the level of awareness on sustainability and to help make it easy to apply in everyday life and decision making.

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