Is ‘Scrap’shion the new Fashion?

Rio Estuar, an innovative, sustainable fashion designer, has been campaigning for a “new normal” in fashion through her sustainable clothing line, RIOtaso, creating fashion masterpieces from ‘retaso.’

RIOtaso began after I closed a previous clothing line because I saw how much fabric waste I had created but didn’t want to throw away. If my small online store was producing so much waste, imagine the actual factories and clothing manufacturers? I then decided I still wanted to do fashion but to create from the waste instead.

Rio, On Her Journey

Filipinos are becoming more conscious about the environment, opting for more sustainable products. Rio believes that if the item is something that has multiple uses, designs, pockets and can be used over a long period of time, then Filipinos would be willing to pay a little bit more premium for more sustainable choices. And with the “new normal,” more shoppers would find the convenience of buying online than to go outside.

I think the Filipino market is ready for sustainability in fashion because there is a high demand for new things and you cant really stop production as long as there is a demand. So I decided to create conscious options that keep in mind style and practicality. 

RIO Estuar, creative founder of riotaso

If you see the value of the products we create as something you equally need and want then we’ve hit the right spot by providing exactly that. Our prices are actually pretty reasonable for what we offer and given that most items are reversible too.

RIO, on the Quality and Practicality of their products

As we carry on with the “new normal,” masks are now indispensable health and fashion necessities. RIOtaso designed an eco-friendly alternative to mask production.

We did a lot of research and started with simple 2 layer cloth masks, then we added a filter pocket, and eventually found a great mask design that mimics the effectivity of surgical masks online. Our masks now have 4 layers, is water repellent and has a filter. 

RIO, on the RIOtaso RIOsable masks

When I asked RIO if upcycled fashion will ever go mainstream one day, she clearly brought forward the need for transparency from other clothing manufacturers as to their disposal of fabric waste and how entrepreneurs like her can come in.

They can simply hand it over to companies like us and we would all together lessen fabric pollution. We would also really like to have clothing swaps more often or start clothing rentals for one time use occasions. There is so much we can do consciously without sacrificing style along the way. 

RIO, On Collaboration between Fast Fashion and Alternative Designers like her

Fashion is a form of self-expression. One way to keep our love-affair with changing fashion trends is to develop a liking with upcylced fashion. This may be the more sustainable way for us to express our fast fashion sense that is slightly friendlier to our planet.

RIOtaso | | FB/IG @riotasoclothing | | 09178844378

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