A Fresh Session on Grocery Shopping

If there is anything postive that surfaced during this Covdi19 pandemic is our heightened awareness to support local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). More shoppers are opting to purposely support local producers and go to great lengths to seek them out. Although I am not much of a grocery shopper myself, my husband, Jose, loves to cook. In helping him source fresh ingredients, I got introduced to Session Groceries through an FB post by a friend of mine, showing her juicy, fresh strawberries.

Session Groceries Farm to Table is an app that connects local farmers and consumers to support local agribusiness, promote sustainable lifestyles and educate the local community on the benefits of eating fresh, locally grown food.

So, we tried it out and it is the best!

I also ordered my favorite “walis.”

You can also support the rice farmers from Mindoro.

It’s so easy to order – we simply downloaded the App through the Apple Store. You can also use Google Play.

A New Normal – from Farm to Digital Market

As we move on to a “new normal,” it is important for us to remember the lessons learned during this crisis. One of the biggest realization is our need to develop strong, local value chains. We need to revisit the basics of local food production, farm to market support and consumption of local food produce. These basics in ‘community economics’ still serve as safety nets during any socio-economic disruptions, like the Covid19 pandemic. Here are the back to basics social good in supporting micro-enterprises like Session Groceries.

  1. Support Farmers through Fair Trade
  2. Connect Farmers to Market through Modern Ways (Digital)
  3. Make Sustainable and Local Produce more accessible to Consumers
  4. Raise Awareness on Sustainable Shopping
  5. Promote the traceability of Produce Source

Support Local Farmers now!

Check out Session Groceries FB page: https://www.facebook.com/sessiongroceriesph/ | Photo credits on pricelist: Session Groceries FB

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