Go Beyond Normal with RefillNBeyond

We seem to be going back to regular living as the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) continues to ease up. We have come face to face to making a decision on whether or not we simply go back to “business as usual,” or bounce back better – taking all our learnings from the Covid-19 quarantine and choose “sustainability” as our “better normal.”

Before you sprint out on a shopping spree, you may want to be a new you – a more “sustainable you” by choosing “sustainable shopping” over the typical way, with more plastics ending up in our rivers.

We make our own products. We also love collaboration because, through partnerships, we rise together. We get to promote each other’s advocacies and at the same time, we help the communities build their own eco-friendly initiatives.

Millie Manahan, on Refill N’ Beyond Inclusive Business Model

Millie is currently a Feature’s Writer of WhenInManila. But when she is not writing, she is busy making soap and other sustainable products for her sustainable lifestyle brand, Refill N’ Beyond. During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, her greatest orders were – you guessed it – hand sanitizers!

Our products containe Castille, which is a proven safe and effective sanitizer. However, since we cannot produce more of it right now, we only use essential oils. With just a few drops of essential oils like Tea Tree, Clove, Thyme or Lemongrass and mixed with clean water – you have the best and sustainable hand sanitizer.

Refill N’ Beyond does not only sell sustainable products but also maintains a practical and sustainable business model. It does not have an actual store, instead a store without borders – a virtual store. It is very easy to order. Just go to their website: http://www.refillandbeyond.com or email Millie at earthruleshere@gmail.com or refillandbeyond@gmail.com. You can also check out their FB page: @refillnbeyond.

We wish that Refill N’ Beyond will be placed in communities and in the provinces. These are the places that need to be awakened by the fact that our Mother Nature is already mad at us. So, we want Refill N’ Beyond to grow as a community-led initiative by placing refill stations wherever possible.

Millie Manahan, On promoting the need to ditch plastic in place of refilling stations

Millie imagines communities of resellers and entrepreneurs, with refill stations for everyone, everywhere. They are open to any kind of partnership. Aside from blogging and promoting sustainable living, Millie also loves to bake and cook. She has a green heart and a beginner in veganism – another sustainable diner shift. She will do whatever she can to make sure that her family is healthy and this is what she hopes for other Filipino families.

Photo credits: Millie Manahan | Refill N’ Beyond

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